Company Policy
HomeWise Homes

When acting as an agent of the seller, it is our policy to offer compensation to all other licensed
brokers in the State of Ohio who may be acting as an agent of the buyer. When acting as an
agent of the buyer, it is our policy to seek and accept compensation from the listing broker.
We may also accept compensation from the buyer if we are unable to collect all or part of our
commission from the listing broker. The buyer’ agent will represent the buyer’ interests, even
if the seller’s agent or seller compensates the buyer’s agent.
Other licensees within our brokerage involved in the same transaction could act as a dual agent,
buyer’s agent, or seller’s agent. The broker and manager will always be considered to be dual
agents if they are involved in a transaction where another agent in our company represents the
other party.
Before an agent can act as a dual agent, the buyer and seller must both agree to the dual agency
and sign the Dual Agency Disclosure Agreement. If one of the parties does not agree to the dual
agency, they may choose to terminate their agency relationship and seek representation from
another agent in the same company or from another brokerage.
I hereby acknowledge that I have received the Agency Policy of HomeWise Real Estate, LLC.

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